Carbon Based Life Forms Creating Zero Carbon Buildings  

Oct 26, 1:30 pm, Room 220

Eric Corey Freed, Morrison Hershfield 


In this talk, we'll journey through an inspirational look at the global crises facing the world and a variety of ways to transform your business to adapt to a warmer, wetter world.  Learn from our work with hundreds of municipalities, agencies, and companies to reduce their carbon, boost their performance, slash their operational expenses, and provide healthy spaces for everyone.  Learn how to link design to outcome and uncover new ways to expand your business.

Design affects everything.  The typeface in your child's textbook affects their ability to comprehend the information.  The ceiling height of your office affects the productivity of your employees.  Imagine how you can use design to transform your business to improve outcomes in health, energy, carbon, and more.  If you plan cities for cars & traffic, you get cars & traffic. If you plan for people & places, you get people & places.

Hear from an award-winning architect and author in a lively discussion that will change how you look at the near future.


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