10 Years of Work Completed, 10 years Ahead: Two Decades of Passive House  

Oct 26, 4:00 pm, Room 210

Dan Whitmore, RDH Building Science


A decade ago, Passive House emerged as a solution to how our buildings can become responsive to humans' needs as well as the earth's. We've learned innumerable lessons across these 10 years and can now deliver these buildings efficiently, dependably and cost-effectively. 

Society has substantial goals for altering humans' impact on the earth; altering the methodology of how we design, construct and operate our buildings is an integral component of reaching those goals. We will increasingly demand or simply be required to build to Passive House or a close proximate in the near future. 

This presentation reviews what has been learned from the presenter's extensive, 10-year implementation of Passive House and the likely, intended paths of integrating the underlying concepts (whether it is labeled "Passive House" or not) on the road ahead. 


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