Othello Square, a Model of Equity Based Development  

Oct 26, 4:00 pm, Room 110

Jeff Reibman, Weber Thompson Architects

Rachael Meyer, Weber Thompson Architects

Faduma Ahmed, Homesite

Gladys Ly-Au Young, Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects


Weber Thompson and HomeSight propose to present Othello Square, a four-building campus adjacent to the Othello Light Rail Station in Southeast Seattle. The project models both environmental and social sustainability at multiple scales. For example, at the building scale, one of the four structures is participating in the ILFI pilot program for living buildings in affordable housing. At the regional scale, the project addresses environmental impacts of displacement on transportation, economic opportunity, and social equity. 

Othello Square was conceived as an anti-displacement development. From the beginning the team worked with the community to envision a development where both housing and critical supportive services could coexist. 

The program includes affordable and workforce rental housing, subsidized home ownership, a charter school, community healthcare facilities, childcare, affordable local retail, office space for non-profits focused on culturally-relevant educational and economic opportunities, and community open space.
The presentation will cover designing for equity, community outreach, master planning, architecture, and landscape design as a model for socially-sustainable development.  


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