Affordable Housing and Equity

2:45 pm, Room 220 - Access and Equity

Martin Kooistra, Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County

This session will explore all the facets of how the built environment intersects with, and has the potential to contribute to achieving, social equity. Comprehensive land use and housing policies will be explored that seek to honor equity in the midst of growth, displacement pressures and rising housing costs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate the biggest ways that the built environment impacts social equity.

  • Explain how the development process itself can foster or reduce equity.

  • Understand how decisions related to building siting and design are critical to achieving equity.

  • Begin mapping priority actions for their organization that can support the triple bottom line.

Marty is recognized for his leadership in community revitalization, poverty alleviation, green building, board development, networks, and strategic alliances domestically and globally. As executive director of HDC, Marty leads an association of 165 diverse organizations in a shared mission to increase access to affordable housing. A first career as founder of a diversified construction business and a subsequent degree in social work allowed Marty to merge his passion for the built environment with his commitment to social justice—and ​led him directly to the affordable housing sector.