Join us Saturday, October 27th, for a day of sharing, chatting, toasting and note-taking. An opportunity to step outside your daily routine, get inspired by our fantastic speakers, and connect with sustainable building professionals from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We're looking forward to learning from one another, sharing best practices, and re-energizing our vision to drive the green building movement forward. Registration includes light breakfast, lunch, and networking reception (with appetizers and drinks).

The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community of builders, designers, suppliers, homeowners, and partners concerned with ecological building in the Pacific Northwest. The Guild empowers people through education to transform the built environment for long term sustainability.


10:00 am, Room 210

Mark Lakeman, Communitecture Inc.

This surprising presentation will explore current horizons for the culture of resilient design, beginning with a more complex view of our design context. We will see how the might of democracy can engage through design to impact multiple scales of political, social, and economic change. From retrofits of current models of community, to emerging ones that accept the challenge of climate disruption, we will s...

5:15 pm, Room 225
Aji Piper, Youth v. Gov

As The Planet Magazine wrote about him, Aji "seems like a typical teenager, until he starts to speak on issues ranging from climate systems to social justice and education policy." Aji's love for the earth began growing up in Port Orchard, WA, at the end of a half mile dirt road. His mother raised him in connection with Buddhism and herbalism, and when Aji was 12 he joined Plant for the Planet, a youth-run organizati...

11:15 am, Room 220 - Access and Equity

Margaret Knight, Schemata Workshop/Meg Hartwig & Samantha Schultz, Sawhorse Revolution, Leah Missik, Built Green/Patti Southard, King County GreenTools/Grace Huang, ming | architecture & design (moderator)

Are you interested in empowering your team, increasing opportunity, and leading the building industry forward? The architecture, engineering, and construction sectors face the challenges of a limited workforce...

11:15 am, Room 210 - Action and Advocacy

Aileen C. Gagney, Aileen Gagney Consultants & Dan Wildenhaus, TRC

Changing conditions may not necessarily introduce new risks for occupants but may make existing IAQ problems more difficult and more severe, thereby increasing the necessity for truly understanding the components of IAQ as well as good filtration. Preventative approaches and interventions such as the importance of filter replacement/housing as well as ME...

11:15 am, Room 110 - Application

Aaron Swain & Emily Doe, Weber Thompson

Pike Passive (now branded under the project name Solis) is a 45-unit condominium building currently under construction in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The project is targeting an EUI of 18 and is pursuing Passive House (PHIUS+ 2015) certification for multifamily buildings, one of the most rigorous and effective energy standards in the world with stringent requirements minimizing...

1:30 pm, Room 220 - Access and Equity

Tahmina Martelly, World Relief Fund/Kyla Rynard, Alleycat Acres/Jake Harris, Stone Soup Gardens (moderator)

Join Kyla Rudnik of Alleycat Acres, Tahmina Martelly of World Relief Seattle and Jake Harris of Stone Soup Gardens to learn about two community development projects focused on Social Justice and Food Access.

Wetmore Community Farm:

Wetmore Ave was a dead end S-DOT street covered in knotweed th...

1:30 pm, Room 210 - Action and Advocacy

Nancy Uding, Toxic-Free Future & Thor Peterson, Synthesis Consultants

Hazardous chemicals such as toxic flame retardants, cancer-causing stain- and water-resistant PFAS, and hormone-disrupting phthalates are all-too-common ingredients in everyday consumer products and building materials.  These toxic chemicals migrate into indoor dust and air, exposing occupants to chemicals without their knowledge or consent. They also...

1:30 pm, Room 110 - Application

Shawn Oram & Greg Wentzell, Ecotope Inc.

Hopeworks Station II is a 54,000 square foot, Net Positive Energy, urban/mixed-use development in Everett, WA. The building is designed to be a hub for fresh, food-based social enterprises while providing 65 units of transitional housing and training for homeless individuals. 

Ecotope’s mechanical system design includes triple pane windows, energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) in all amenit...

2:45 pm, Room 220 - Access and Equity

Martin Kooistra, Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County

This session will explore all the facets of how the built environment intersects with, and has the potential to contribute to achieving, social equity. Comprehensive land use and housing policies will be explored that seek to honor equity in the midst of growth, displacement pressures and rising housing costs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate the b...

2:45 pm, Room 210 - Action and Advocacy

Laura Allen, Greywater Action

Greywater reuse is an increasingly popular method of water conservation in the west. As temperatures rise and droughts become more commonplace, greywater reuse can offer an affordable, low-energy solution to keep landscapes green and productive throughout the summer months—without consuming precious potable water. It's time for greywater reuse to be an viable option for residents of the Pac...

2:45 pm. Room 110 - Application

Doug & Laura Elfline, Mighty House Construction/Lucas Johnson, 475 High Performance Building Supply/Roy McGarrah & Terry Phelan, Living Shelter Architects

Continuing content from the Slam presentation, this panel will dive deeper to explore the partnership, technologies, materials, and approaches that created Seattle’s first Carbon Negative DADU!

At this juncture of growth in high performance green building, and with the urg...

4:00 pm, Room 220 - Access and Equity

Andrew Heben, SquareOne Villages/Serina Holmstrom, Susan Russell, Denise Henrikson and Susannah Hale, EcoThrive Housing

Tiny House Villages have emerged as a practical response to homelessness and housing insecurity. A growing number of community-based initiatives have formed to bring them to fruition, yet these unconventional projects continue to face significant barriers in the development process.


4:00 pm, Room 210 - Action and Advocacy

David Mead, PAE Engineers

What are refrigerants’ true impact on the natural environment? A central component in current HVAC system design, refrigerants can be used as energy-saving tools. However, if released into the environment, many refrigerants have thousands of times the impact as CO2 and contribute directly to global warming. The presentation will draw from research done with Paul Hawkins’ Project Drawdown on the...

4:00 pm, Room 110 - Application

Jon Alexander, Sunshine Construction/George Ostrow, Velocipede Architects/Jim Bristow, Bristow Enterprises

Hear stories of two separate journeys into the unknown. Thrill to the challenges they faced, learn from the complications they conquered, and delight in the mishaps along the way. 

Phantom Lake Passivhaus

Passivhaus is the world’s most stringent energy efficiency standard for buildings. To build one, a contractor m...

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